Community Grocery Burnley: One Year Later

Community Grocery Burnley: One Year Later
April 18, 2023 The Moulding Foundation

It’s been almost a year since Community Grocery Burnley opened its doors to the public.

“It’s gone so quick” said Danielle, the grocery’s Northwest regional manager. “And it feels like we’ve been here for such a long time. We’ve got over 2,300 members now, and we’re getting new members every single day”.

Members sign up at the grocery for a £5 annual fee and this allows them to do a food shop of up to 12 items for only £4 per visit – saving them on average £25-£30 each shop.

The Burnley Community Grocery has had a huge impact on the local area, with many now having to choose between heating and eating. Their 2300+ members not only get access to highly reduced food but wrap around support causes too.

We asked Danielle how the foundation’s support has helped. “The Moulding Foundation have been incredible. Their generosity and heart for the people of Burnley is evident, and I love that Ben Moulding volunteers in the store. Thanks so much to all of you for your support, it’s so appreciated!”

Visit to find out more about Community Grocery and the fantastic work they are doing to support local communities across the North.