Seashell Trust celebrates the opening of The Moulding Foundation building

Seashell Trust celebrates the opening of The Moulding Foundation building
April 24, 2023 The Moulding Foundation

“The Moulding Foundation building will set the gold standard for special schools in the UK.”

– Brandon Leigh, CEO of Seashell Trust


This is an image of our founders, Jodie and Matt, with their son Zac, and Brandon Leigh, CEO of Seashell Trust.

Our founders, Jodie and Matt, with their son, Zac, and CEO of Seashell, Brandon Leigh.

On Thursday 20th April 2023, Seashell Trust celebrated the opening of The Moulding Foundation building, new home to the Royal School Manchester. Based in Stockport, the Royal School Manchester offers specialist, outstanding education and care for students aged 4 to 19.

Joined by over 130 patrons and supporters, Seashell Trust unveiled the new facility which includes an assembly hall for 200 people with retractable seating, a dining hall with group and individual dining spaces, an assessment suite with a high-tech audiology suite, and a swimming centre comprising of a learner pool with a rise-and-fall floor and an interactive hydrotherapy pool. There are also 34 hoists in classrooms, 8 different sensory rooms, light stimulation rooms, and low arousal rooms available to the teachers and learning support assistants to meet the needs of the students.

Dominic Tinner, Relationships Director at Seashell, said, “Thanks to an extraordinary group of donors, we have built this world-class school. It is possibly the finest special school of its kind, undoubtedly in the UK, possibly in the world. It’s going to transform how we educate the country’s most profoundly disabled children for years and years to come.” 

This is a photo of Rebecca, Jodie, and Angela from The Moulding Foundation.

Our trustees, Rebecca and Angela, outside The Moulding Foundation building with Jodie.

Jodie and Matt have supported Seashell for a number of years, hosting fundraising events at Hale Country Club and King Street Townhouse, and volunteering their time at the school. Jodie also participated in Strictly Seashell, Seashell’s annual fundraiser which raised a record-breaking £123,000 for the charity.

“Royal School Manchester is a world-class facility for children with complex needs and we are proud to have The Moulding Foundation associated with it”, said Jodie. “It’s right here in Greater Manchester, showing the world how it’s done”.

Following the completion of The Moulding Foundation building, Seashell focus their attention on the next phase of Project Transformation and plan to replicate the quality of Royal School Manchester with Royal College Manchester in the near future.

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