Funding Updates

  • This is a picture of a school child doing arts & crafts.

    The Moulding Foundation donates £100,000 to The Cransley Foundation

    “These innovative learning spaces will provide the necessary environment for excellent independent learning, research, skills acquisition, and personal development”. –…

  • UA92 launches new bursary scheme in partnership with The Moulding Foundation

    “Removing barriers and creating opportunities is at the core of our mission, so we’re delighted to support UA92’s new bursary scheme.…

  • Our Funding Window is Now Open

    We’re delighted to announce that we are now accepting new applications for funding.   To apply for funding, please download…

  • Community Grocery Burnley

    Millions of families are facing not knowing where the next meal is coming from. The Community Grocery is here to…

  • Embassy Village: “This partnership will leave a powerful legacy in our city”.

    “This partnership will leave a powerful legacy in our city.” The Moulding Foundation has agreed to donate £3.5 million to…