Our Focus

1. Social Exclusion

Social exclusion can manifest in various ways, but it is often the result of poverty, discrimination, lack of education, and geographical location. It prevents people from participating fully in everyday life which can lead to isolation, poor health, and reduced social mobility.

We aim to break the cycle and tackle the root causes of social exclusion to ensure that those affected have access to the resources they need to fulfil their potential and contribute to society.

2. Young People with Disabilities

We want to remove barriers and create opportunities for young people with disabilities so that they can develop their talents, grow their confidence, pursue their passions, and live independently.

3. Education

We work with organisations to raise awareness of the social issues that many people face every single day. Through our partnerships, we support people from disadvantaged backgrounds by ensuring they have readily available access to the resources they need as well as an appropriate environment in which to thrive.

4. Health

We provide funding to tackle health inequalities, save lives, and support people when they’re experiencing health issues. We believe that everyone, regardless of their personal circumstances, deserves access to the healthcare they need to live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives.